Saving Esperanza "Hope"

Tracey Buyce, CANDi Board Member and official photographer, is in Mexico this week documenting the street dog epidemic in and around Cancun.

Today, during one of her trips outside of town, she came across a horse who has severe injuries resulting from a vicious attack from a rottweiler. The horse has not received medical treatment and the injuries have not healed.  The horse, whom she has named "Esperanza," meaning "Hope" in Spanish, is suffering with open wounds.

Esperanza is a sweet-tempered mare who is only 4 to 6 years old. Tracey and her friends have tried to convince the owner relinquish ownership of the horse, and he has requested $800 to give her up. Esperanza is in need of immediate medical attention for her wounds and injuries, and her veterinary bill is estimated to cost an additional $600 U.S.

CANDi is raising funds to save this horse's life, and has already found a forever home for her through fellow CANDi Board Member, Hector Navarro, in Mexico.

Please help Esperanza by making a donation today.



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